User Acceptance Testing​ (UAT)

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User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is a vital activity to ensure that a new or upgraded application can support the business use cases. Typically performed by key business users / subject matter experts, it is an unpopular drain on the business with people untrained in testing asked to document their tests and potential issues in sufficient detail so that they can be reproduced.

UAT in the 21st century

Typically the old way of doing UAT was to ask a business user to test a process and feedback any problems. Today it is about getting buy-in and feedback from the user. Does the solution work for them, is it easy to use, can it be improved, do they buy into it?

A modern solution needs to facilitate surveys, feedback, and comments as well as problems. It should also show how to follow these processes (training purposes).  It needs to support scripted testing, unscripted testing, exploratory testing, and automation of repetitive tasks.

One stop shopping for UAT

More than a recording tool

Properly optimized for UAT, enabling, issues & defects, feedback and surveys.

Test end-to end across any platform

Test your integrated platforms seamlessly, whether COTS, such as SAP Oracle, Salesforce , your one bespoke programs, even green screen.

Business users aren't testers

Key users  have many other calls on their time and normal business operations will suffer while the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is in progress User Acceptance Testing is an occasional activity and the business users involved have insufficient time as it is, without investing hours into learning a new tool. Problems are often poorly reported using a combination of screen shots and email.  Test coverage or complete proof of testing cannot be provided for internal review and external audit.

Designed for Business Users

Train in minutes

Intuitive to use, business users can be up and running almost immediately.

Test feedback made easy

Auto track and record, edit and enhance afterwards.

Proof in all formats

Automatic testing evidence. Output in multiple formats including animation.


Multiple Cycles

UAT has to be repeated until the application meets the acceptance criteria, or the implementation is cancelled.

Several cycles will be required with inevitable increase in user fatigue until only the reported issues are re-tested. The test cycle with the least coverage will be the one before the application is implemented into the live environment.

Remove User Fatigue

Leverage existing assets

Use existing automation assets, re-synchronized to the enhanced application.

Automate UAT

Early UAT cycles can be used as a base for automated testing further minimizing the user time.

Scheduling and flexibility

Users, from different teams and business groups, need to collaborate as transactions flow through the business, from one team to another. For example; Operations cannot test order dispatch, until Sales have completed order entry and Finance have completed credit checking. Flexibility is key.  It is common for a UAT phase to kick-off and then be rapidly suspended if a critical error is discovered at an early stage in a business process.

A UAT Management Solution

A UAT Management Solution

Multiple tests, multiple teams

Define the process and support individual tests by multiple teams.

Synchronise and schedule

Synchronise management of the testing tasks, team members and progress.

Instant access and a unified view

More visible flow of the data from one team to another.


Training for go-live

Once UAT has been successfully completed the rest of the business user community, who will be using the application, need to be trained in readiness for the live implementation.

Automatically Create Training Guides

Automatically Create Training Guides


Auto create

Fully illustrated results are automatically created - ideal material to produce great training guides.

Fully illustrated & enhanced

High quality pictures are interspersed with the details of every mouse action and keyboard entry.Remove any redundant entries and enhance with bubble text.

Multiple formats including animation

Output your training guide automatically as a Word document, PDF or an animation.


Most frequent questions and answers

It requires a good knowledge of business processes to create the test cases needed for UAT.  If it does not exist outside the user community, perhaps it can be captured from monitoring and recoding user transactions.  Less experienced people may need help in formatting the test case and ensuring that good coverage has been obtained.  Make sure that the users are happy with the nature and extent of the test cases, especially if they have not written them. 

Everyone tests different things in different ways and it is almost impossible to test everything, so users testing in the way they are going to use the software is essential. It also ensures they know how to use it and enhances ‘ownership’ of the solution.

Increase efficiency!  Use automation for bulky repeated tasks. Give users time saving tools. Ensure good coverage to find issues early and avoid extra cycles.

The real business users need to test, outsourcing UAT defeats all the objectives of UAT so that means if you don’t have enough hands and you need temporary help, get the temps to do the day jobs where the process is known and there is assistance on hand.  Get the users invested in the future system or changes.

It is possible to automate some aspects of UAT, but it is unlikely the users will be able to do that.  They will need help and you need to decide which aspects of testing can be delegated on automation.  It is better if the users can understand the automation and the results it produces.  But it is unlikely to work if you try to automate all UAT.

Easy to use, simple to administer

Qualify UAT

Seamlessly move between multiple applications, including the MS Office suite, and capture the full end-to-end process.

Test any application whether it presented in a browser, in a desktop application or even 3270/5250 ‘green-screen’.

Amend and enhance, with comments and screen mark-ups, after capture to make the documentation more meaningful.

Comprehensive management capability, from change requests to functional and technical specification and design documentation.

Outputs can be saved in Word pdf and animation formats to produce training guides

 Survey your business users prior to release. This allows for greater situational visibility helping towards a more accurate go live decision.

A powerful view of your work in progress, (optionally including time-sheet data), allocated tasks, and forward projects

Gather feedback, both positive as well as negative. Analyze and triage feedback prior to raising defects.

A role-based security model is a fundamental part with a full range of accumulated permissions

Manage your defects in the same place that you manage your testing. Qualify provides a complete defect management solution.

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